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Winter Park Competition Center Volunteer program
The Winter Park Competition Center puts on many exciting ski, snowboard, and mountain bike events. Competitions produced or facilitated by the Competition Center include development level introductory events up to regional and national Championships.

Be sure to check out our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities if you've ever wanted to get up close and personal as Alpine racers speed through a Slalom course, witness top notch bump and jump skills on the mogul course, check out skiers and snowboarders who test their mettle on the jumps in Re-railer and Dark Territory terrain parks, or cheer on downhill and cross-country bike racers as they speed down the trail!

    • Community volunteer program

      The Winter Park Competition Center relies on event volunteers to consistently produce these top-quality events. Many of our volunteers keep coming back year after year to take advantage of the benefits, like front row seats for exciting competitions and of course... the free lift tickets!

    • Parent Volunteer Program

      We strongly encourage parents of kids in the Competition Center to embrace the mindset of being part of the Competition Center Family. Your volunteer time is truly critical for us to host events at Winter Park!

      Being part of the Competition Center Family, we need the assistance of all of our families to produce world-class competitions, events, and fundraisers to support our athletes across all disciplines. We encourage families to volunteer for the full spectrum of our events, not just those within your child’s or children’s discipline(s).

      Only one parent volunteer deposit is required per family. If you have more than one child in our programs, you must pay the parent volunteer deposit from the program that has the highest deposit amount. We ask all families to volunteer a minimum of 1 day each winter season, even if you are unable to work for the full refund or have completed some hours in the summer.

      Winter Programs
      As part of winter program registration, you will pay one of the following parent volunteer deposit payments:
      $300 – 1-Day, 2-Day, and Short Programs
      $600 – 3-Day and Full-time Programs

      Please note the minimum age to volunteer is 16. Shifts typically vary between 4-8 hours. Volunteers can choose the type of compensation they wish to receive, such as comp tickets rather a parent hour credit/refund, if you prefer to have complimentary tickets on your account to share with friends and family.

      Volunteers can earn one comp ticket voucher for every six hours volunteering. Each voucher earned can be redeemed in the winter for a lift ticket or in the summer for a Trestle Bike Park ticket or activity day pass.

      Youth ages 16+ may also volunteer for hours towards community service requirements.

      Summer Programs
      There is no work deposit for summer programs, but families are welcome to volunteer to earn complimentary lift tickets.



      15 volunteer hours are required to earn a full credit/refund of the $300 work deposit.

      30 volunteer hours are required to earn a full refund of the $600 work deposit.

      The refund amount is based on the percent of required hours that have been completed through April 30.


      If you do not complete all the hours required for a full credit/refund, you will receive a partial credit/refund based on the number of hours completed compared to the number required for a full credit/refund. If you work 50% of the required hours, then your family is eligible for 50% credit/refund. Example: if you pay the $300 volunteer work deposit and complete 7.5 hours, you will receive a 50% credit/refund or $150.


      Summer hours only apply to the upcoming season and cannot be applied retroactively. While we need and very much appreciate parents’ time to volunteer to help us with home-hill events, we understand there are multiple reasons why volunteering may not be feasible for some families. If you choose not to or are unable to volunteer for ANY reason, you will not be eligible for a credit/refund on your work deposit.

      If you earn partial hours during the summer season, you must pay the full parent volunteer deposit at time of registration.

      If you complete 100% of the required volunteer hours during the summer before the season, please contact the Competition Center office to verify your hours. Once verified, you do not need to pay the parent volunteer deposit during registration.


      All full or partial credits/refunds will be processed once during the season by May 1. Refunds will be processed to the credit card used for the original transaction. If that card has been compromised, the refund will be issued as resort credit.


      If you earn over the number of hours needed for a full refund, those additional hours will be transferred to our Comp Ticket book at a rate of 1 ticket per 6 hours. Please see our Comp Ticket policy for information about Comp Tickets and expiration dates.


      In the case of a season-ending injury, no reimbursement will be made on the work deposit except for hours worked. A family is still eligible to work off its hours over the remainder of the season after the injury occurs.


      If using the Affirm payment option, you may only be eligible to have your volunteer hours credited to RESORT CREDIT. The partial or full credit amount is based on volunteer hours completed as indicated in the full Parent Volunteer Deposit Policy. All interest is non-refundable. If you do not wish to include the parent volunteer deposit in your Affirm payment, do not include it in your cart when checking out with Affirm. As a separate transaction, pay the deposit online using your credit card or call 970-726-1590 to pay over the phone.

    • Volunteer Compensation

      Whether you are a community volunteer or a parent volunteer, you choose your type of compensation each time you volunteer!

      1. Comp Ticket voucher*: 1 voucher per 6 hours of service. These may be used by you, your friends, or family.
      2. Parent Volunteer Deposit refund: 15 hours for a full refund of $300 deposit; 30 hours for a full refund of $600 deposit.
      3. Community Service: must meet minimum age requirements. Must be age 16 or older to volunteer.

      *Volunteer vouchers can be redeemed for Winter Park Resort winter lift tickets, Trestle Bike Park tickets, or Summer Activities and are valid for up to two seasons depending on when they are earned. Click here to view the comp ticket policy.

    • How to sign up to volunteer

      Must be age 16 or older to volunteer. To view and sign up for current volunteer opportunities.
      1. Visit www.signupgenius.com
      2. Click the “search” icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right-hand corner
      3. Find the prompt to “search for a sign up by creator’s email” and enter ccenter@winterparkresort.com

      If you would like to receive direct notifications when new opportunities are posted, sign up for our Constant Contact “volunteer opportunities” email list.

      Questions? Email ccenter@winterparkresort.com or call 970.726.1590

    • How to redeem volunteer vouchers

      1. Contact the Comp Center office to obtain your vouchers by emailing ccenter@winterparkresort.com. We recommend obtaining your voucher numbers at least 24 hours in advance.

      2. Bring your voucher number and visit the Balcony House Lower Ticket Window at the Winter Park base or at the Mary Jane Ticket Office window to get your ticket printed.

      We kindly ask that you avoid redeeming your vouchers on weekends and holidays.