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Terrain Parks at Winter Park Resort

Winter Park’s Railyard Terrain Parks are proof that jumps, jibs, and rails are truly for everyone. Our park system features an 18-foot superpipe and more than 80 other innovative, progressive features that we’re always re-configuring to enhance your—and our own—creativity. Our seven terrain parks offer a chilled-out home for beginners all the way up to a challenging thrill for experts. Learn more about each of our parks and how you can build your skills below.
Bouncer is a small terrain park located at the base of the resort at the bottom of Larry Sales. This park has small ride-on features and a jump at times when we have sufficient snow. This is a great park to warm-up as you wait for the lifts to open or in the evening after they close. Anytime of day, it is a fun place to learn and progress.
Starter Park
Starter Park is exactly that, a small park to start your journey into the terrain park world. Starter Park has ride-on features that give you the chance to experience sliding on plastic/metal surfaces. During the season, the park crew may change up the park and add a small jump for you to practice your approach and take-off techniques. Located below Snoasis, it is a great opportunity to let your friends and family finish lunch while you sneak in a few attempts at honing your style.
Ash Cat
Ash Cat, located on Jack Kendrick trail, is a small and medium feature park. Ash Cat features a variety of rails, boxes and jibs that range from ride-on to intermediate sliding surfaces. This park is also the place to begin progressing in your jump techniques with small and medium jumps. One can access Ash Cat by taking the Prospector lift and heading down Jack Kendrick. Get your style dialed and flow progressing here.
Gangway, located under the Prospector lift, is a medium park with intermediate rails, boxes, and jibs. When you are ready to show off your style to the folks on the lift above, this is the spot to let ‘er rip. One can access this park by staying right at the bottom of Butches Breezeway, after shredding the bumps on Engledive, or after a Skills Course lap.
Re-railer is a medium park that is the epicenter of progression and learning for intermediate riders. Re-railer is peppered with rails, boxes and jibs that challenge the creativity of advanced riders but are perfect for taking intermediate riders to the next level. The double jump line in Re-Railer is the perfect spot to take your jump technique and style and mix it with a little more air time.

Re-Railer is also the home of Battle of the Grommets slopestyle event. This contest occurs twice a winter for those athletes 15 and under that are looking to enter the contest realm in a super fun and progressive atmosphere.
Rail yard®
Rail Yard is a large park featuring the most creative, unique and challenging jibs and rails. Advanced riders can pick their way through the hidden lines and side-hits to capture their footage and to impress their friends. Upper Rail Yard also is the home of the 18 foot pipe for the transition riders in the park.

Over the years, Rail Yard has been featured in film projects and special industry builds hosting the world’s top athletes and filmers. From Level 1 to the Burton Global Team, Rail Yard has been witness to its share of insane style and progression.

In 2022, Rail Yard will be extended all the way down to Snoasis to include a Lower Rail Yard section of jumps and rails in a new location. See the map for the new set-up and location. The Rail Yard extending down to Snoasis, makes the entire park over 3,500 feet long. That's almost 3/4 of a mile of park!
Lower Rail Yard
With the change to the lower portion of the park, Dark Territory is being renamed to Lower Rail Yard. More rails will be added and the Large line of jumps will move down to the area just above Snosasis. A pass is no longer required to access the entire Lower Rail Yard features. Riders will notice the Skills Course will move to the area below the tunnel and Lower Rail Yard will start on the Cranmer side of the tree island.
Lower Rail Yard features the largest and most technical park elements at Winter Park Resort. Remember, until you are ready to take a trick here, use our other parks to learn and dial in your skills.

Where did Dark Territory go?

Don't worry we promise this is a change you will love! The name and the pass requirement is going away, while the terrain and the features get a facelift. In 2022-2023 Dark Territory will be renamed Lower Rail Yard. The goal will be to offer an extended Rail Yard experience for advanced riders without requiring a special pass. We heard the feedback and welcome the change in our approach. Riders will notice a change in location of the big line and the skills course with the goal of improving the flow and visibility of the biggest features in the park.