Employee Housing

Welcome to the Winter Park Resort Employee Housing page.

Our Employee housing is extremely limited, and it is prioritized by position worked. Most employees make housing arrangements independently. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Winter Park area, securing housing should be a top priority. Most employees find housing on Craigslist by searching in the small towns in the area, including: Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, and Granby. Grand County Garage Sale is a local Facebook page used as a community forum for housing leads. Hiring managers, along with the Human Resources office have a list of leads to help temporary residents find affordable housing options. Don’t have a car? Don’t worry. There is free public transportation via the Lyft Bus transit system.

This information is provided as a general guide to new employees. If you are offered and accept a position, ask your hiring manager for an Employee Housing Application Form.

There are numerous other housing locations in and around the Winter Park area. If Employee Housing is full, we recommend checking for local housing options using the sources listed at the end of this page. Fewer than 10% of resort employees live in our employee housing units.


  • We have units and lodges in the Employee Housing Program. All properties are within a short walk of free shuttle routes.
  • Units have two bedrooms and shared bathrooms.
  • Lodges are large properties with communal living and kitchen areas. Bedrooms are shared, with access to shared bathrooms.
  • All properties have kitchens equipped with basic cookware and tableware.
  • Common living areas are furnished with couches, tables and chairs.
  • Bedrooms have beds, dressers and/or closets.
  • Due to the high demand for housing, all bedrooms are shared.
  • All locations have laundry facilities onsite or nearby.
  • Rooms/Units are all male or all female.
  • We can house couples (both people need to be full time employees).
  • Please do not bring furniture or large items as space is limited.
  • All properties are non-smoking.



The town of Fraser is 6 miles from the resort and serviced by the shuttle year round. We have condos at multiple locations in Fraser. The majority of our Employee Housing is located in Fraser. The condos have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, full kitchens, common living areas and house 4 employees per unit. These properties offer parking spaces for vehicles.

Cost: $420 - $450 per person, per month (Shared)


We have lodges located in the Winter Park area. They are located on the shuttle route or within walking distance of the Resort base. Bedrooms and bathrooms are shared. Each lodge has a common living area, a communal dining room and a large kitchen. Parking spaces for vehicles are not available at these locations.

Cost: $400-450 per person, per month (Shared)


Prior to move-in, residents must pay one month’s rent before move in and a $400 deposit ($100 non-refundable service fee and $300 refundable security deposit).

Rent includes utilities; electric, gas, water and trash.

Employee Housing FAQ

  • Locations are assigned by the Employee Housing department.
  • Whether you have a vehicle or not is key to your location assignment.
  • We try to match age groups where possible.
  • Winter Park Resort Full-Time employees – Seasonal or Year Round.
  • In the winter, Employee Housing beds are allocated by department.
  • Due to the number of employees needing housing, all bedrooms are shared.
  • Bedrooms and units are all male or all female.
    • No pets of any kind are allowed in Employee Housing.
    • Bring towels, comforter/blankets and sheets for a twin bed.
      • There is no department store in the valley that sells these items.
    • You will receive your first pay check 2-3 weeks after your start date; have money for food and other essentials.
    • Communicate your arrival date at least 7 days prior to arriving to Employee Housing.
    • In the summer months, plan to arrive Monday – Friday when the Employee Housing department is open.
      • Employee Housing is staffed 7 days/week in winter.
    For Local Housing Options

    · Local newspaper Ski Hi Daily News: Classifieds
    · Craigslist Colorado, High Rockies: Search for rentals in the nearby towns of Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash and Granby
    · Facebook pages- Grand Country Long Term Rentals and Grand County Online Garage Sale
    Please be aware of scams on public websites.

    The Employee Housing office is located in the Winter Park Resort Human Resources department. Open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday and 7 days/week in the winter season.

    For more information contact: WPHousing@winterparkresort.com