Employee Housing

Our Employee housing is extremely limited, and it is prioritized by position worked. Fewer than 20% of resort employees live in our employee housing units. Most employees make housing arrangements independentlyin the small towns in the area, including Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, and Granby. This information if provided as a general guide to new employees. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Winter Park area, securing housing should be a top priority. Don’t have a car? Don’t worry. There is free public transportation via the Lift Bus transit system.

How do I begin the process of securing Employee Housing?

If you are offered and accept a full-time (seasonal or year-round) position, ask your hiring manager about Employee Housing availability. If the hiring department can offer a housing slot, they will be able to provide a housing application form. Housing agreements are offered season-to-season following approval from department manager and Employee Housing Department. Hiring managers, along with Human Resources may have a list of leads to help temporary residents find affordable housing options. If Employee Housing is full, we recommend checking for local housing options using the sources listed at the end of this page.


  • Housing assignment will be based on gender, age (similarly aged individuals grouped when possible), parking, and arrival date.
  • Room/Units are all male or all female. Couples housing is pending availability. Both housing applicants need to secure and maintain full-time employees & receive a housing slot from respective hiring manager.
  • Rooms predominantly shared with 2 employees; select properties have rooms shared with up to 4 employees.
  • Housing layouts vary property to property.
  • 2-3 Bedroom units with shared bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Lodges offer shared bedroom/bathroom - shared access to communal living room and kitchen areas with up to 65 employees.
  • No waitlist for select properties.
  • All properties are within a short walk of free shuttle routes.
  • Properties are furnished with beds, fressers, couches, tables, and chairs.
  • Personal furniture is not allowed.
  • Considering bringing large items or excessive personal belongings? Begin researching and securing a private storage unit with local business.
  • Personal linens, kitchenware, cleaning / hygienic supplies are responsibility or residents.
  • All locations have coin-operated laundry facilities onsite or nearby.
  • No pet friendly housing available.
  • Parking costs at select locations. Incoming employees are encouraged to not bring a car.

Required move-in costs are a refundable security fee, nonrefundable administrative fee and 1st month license fee.

  • Housing costs includes utilities; electric; gas; water; and trash.

Winter 2023-2024
  • $400 Security fee
  • $100 non-refundable service fee
  • $400-$800 license fee range (property specific)
Total Move-In Costs: $900-$1,300 (Property Specific)
  • The costs are per person. If couple applies, both applicants are responsible for listed charges.
  • Housing costs includes utilities; electric, gas, water, and trash
  • There are NOT accelerated payment plans (i.e. payroll deductions) available for security / admin fees.

How can I be prepared?
  • Be ready to make outlined payments. Pay the security fee and administrative fee within 7 days of housing offer. If payment is not received, application will be cancelled automatically and offered bed will be reallocated to the next applicant.
  • Communicate your arrival date at least 7 days prior to arriving to Employee Housing.
  • Employees will not be eligible to move into housing unless move-in payments and all housing steps are completed prior to arrival.
  • You will receive your first paycheck 2-3 weeks after your start date; have money for feed and other essentials.

Employee Housing FAQ

  • Locations are assigned by the Employee Housing department.
  • Whether you have a vehicle or not is key to your location assignment.
  • We try to match age groups where possible.
  • Winter Park Resort Full-Time employees – Seasonal or Year Round.
  • In the winter, Employee Housing beds are allocated by department.
  • Due to the number of employees needing housing, all bedrooms are shared.
  • Bedrooms and units are all male or all female.
    • No pets of any kind are allowed in Employee Housing.
    • Bring towels, comforter/blankets and sheets for a twin bed.
      • There is no department store in the valley that sells these items.
    • You will receive your first pay check 2-3 weeks after your start date; have money for food and other essentials.
    • Communicate your arrival date at least 7 days prior to arriving to Employee Housing.
    • In the summer months, plan to arrive Monday – Friday when the Employee Housing department is open.
      • Employee Housing is staffed 7 days/week in winter.
    For Local Housing Options

    · Local newspaper Ski Hi Daily News: Classifieds
    · Craigslist Colorado, High Rockies: Search for rentals in the nearby towns of Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash and Granby
    · Facebook pages- Grand Country Long Term Rentals and Grand County Online Garage Sale
    Please be aware of scams on public websites.

    The Employee Housing office is located in the Winter Park Resort Human Resources department. Open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday and 7 days/week in the winter season.

    For more information contact: WPHousing@winterparkresort.com