Forever Trailblazing Forever Trailblazing

Trailblaze with Purpose

Our ongoing commitment to our People, our Planet, and our Community.
We proudly plant our flag for big, authentic experiences that inspire our guests to venture out. With it, comes responsibility. We are open to all — welcoming every ethnicity, gender, and background. Our unspoiled and pure nature is a gift we love to share with everyone. We are committed to be the best stewards of this mountain. We understand that we're a guest in these unspoiled peaks and meadows — our sustainable actions ensure this special place will be here for future generations to ski, ride, hike, bike, and gaze at the stars. Lastly, we won’t succeed without a thriving community. We're actively involved in building strong partnerships throughout our backyard with organizations that share our values.

Our People

We are four-season optimists. We believe in the unlimited potential of all our fellow world-citizens. We are committed to preserving a welcoming place where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, mindsets and orientations can venture out into the great outdoors. We're proud of the many connections we create daily between the land and all its people.

Ruby Hill | National sports center for the disabled | Denver Kids | Denver Parks & Rec | Slippers-N-Sliders

Our Planet

Forests matter. Watersheds matter. Climate matters. We're surrounded by amazing natural resources, and each one is a gift that needs to be treated with respect and protected for generations to come. Our environmental partners are nationally-recognized for making a positive difference in our corner of the earth — and beyond.

Protect our winters | National Forest Foundation | Headwaters Trail Alliance

Our Community

We understand we're only as strong as our community. We've created strong alliances with local businesses who share our passion for trailblazing and thinking with unbridled imagination. The result? Each day, families throughout the Fraser Valley and beyond benefit from our partnerships that create access and opportunity.

ACKNOWLEDGING NATIVE LAND |grand Foundation | Mountain Family Center