Winter Park Competition Center Sports Performance program

At the Competition Center, we believe in the science of sport and take a holistic approach to provide a sports performance program that supports excellence in all facets of athletics and life. We have assembled a highly qualified team of experts in all aspects of sport science to support our athletes, coaches, and parents. We provide exceptional programs that inspire the enjoyment of mountain sports and empower our members to realize their full potential in life and in sports. We are committed, life-long learners, who continually integrate new research to stay on the cutting edge of sports science. Whether you are an athlete, parent, or coach, we hope that you use this section of the website as a resource to guide you to accomplish your goals and be the best you can be.

    • Physical Fitness

      Excellence on snow starts with developing all-around athleticism on the field and in the gym. Our strength and conditioning programs, both in-season and in the off-season, are designed around creating athletic awareness, developing fundamental movement patterns, improving aerobic and anaerobic systems, and developing strength and power. We are lucky to have strength and conditioning experts who have been leaders in their field for decades, training some of the best athletes in snow sports! Physical fitness is integral in performance on the hill, endurance through long days of training and competing, and injury prevention, so that our athletes can continue doing what they love. General physical education promotes happy, healthy humans long past their years at the Competition Center!

      Stay up to date on dryland conditioning sessions in Winter Park or on the Front Range, fitness assessment dates, team hikes, and more! If you prefer to do workouts in your own gym, the workouts are posted in the details of each day!

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      If you wish to be added to the Sports Performance Calendar to receive updates and changes, please contact Stephanie Zavilla at

      Winter (Nov.-Apr.) Dryland Training
      Select dryland training is included for competitive and full-time athletes during the winter season, November-April.

      Ages 10-13 - training 2-3 session per week$150
      Ages 14+ - training 4-5 sessions per week$300
      *No summer dryland training fee for athletes who were enrolled in a Full-time Academy program the season prior. All athletes including Full-time Academy athletes must sign up for training through the Member Portal to be included on the roster.

      Sign up for dryland training

      We offer both in-person and virtual options for dryland training. Please contact Stephanie Zavilla at for more information.

      Mobility (MOBS) - MOBS 1, MOBS 2, MOBS 3, MOBS 4, MOBS 5, MOBS 6, MOBS 7

      Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Exercises – Level 1 L AIC, Level 2, Level 3

      Hip Mobility
      Plank Series
      Shoulder Stabilization

    • Injury return to Sport

      The purpose of the Return to Sport (RTS) program is to facilitate the injured athlete’s journey through rehabilitation, recovery, and a successful return to sport. Injury can come with a lot of frustrations, emotions, and changes, and the RTS Team is here to help. Focus areas include but are not limited to:

      - Social support (coping with feelings of isolation from the team/sport they love)

      - Fear of re-injury

      - Staying motivated throughout physical therapy

      - Handling stress. Skiing can be a stress reliever, and with injury, that coping mechanism goes away. This sometimes causes changes in mood, behavior, eating/sleeping habits, and other wellness indicators.

      - Regaining confidence as the athlete transitions back into activity

      The Winter Park Competition Center holds concussion injuries in high regard, with a strict protocol for return-to-sport post-injury governed by the State of Colorado. Learn about the protocol here.

      To learn more or get involved in the RTS program as an athlete or coach, email Stephanie Zavilla at

    • NutrITion

      FUELING FOR Optimal performance in Mountain Sports

      During the sports season, it is important to establish healthy, nutrient-dense fueling habits for optimal performance when engaging in mountain sports activities. The athlete’s body goes through tremendous amounts of work and needs energy to sustain the demands of high performance. Eating fresh, unprocessed foods creates an ideal environment for the body to live and thrive. You will feel more consistently energized, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, build lean muscle mass, and have an overall healthy and happy body.

      Nutrient-dense fueling means eating quality foods to absorb the most vitamins and minerals possible. Prioritizing vegetables, fruits, whole grains/carbohydrates, and quality protein and fats in your diet will allow a wide variety of options to help properly maintain or improve your performance. Mountain sports activities and competitions can last a long time, so it is critical to keep your body energized throughout!

      Make each meal and snack well-rounded and colorful, including all food groups - vegetables, fruits, protein, whole grains, and dairy. Then, add wholesome snacks to fuel your body and relieve hunger. Invest in high-quality foods, just like you would any equipment, to keep your body functioning at its optimal level.

      We are lucky to have trained dieticians here at the Competition Center, so take advantage! They have a wealth of knowledge on important topics like:

      - Fueling for competition
      - Eating healthy on the road
      - The importance of hydration
      - Specialty diets like vegetarianism/veganism in sport
      - Fueling for healing post-injury

      Contact Stephanie Zavilla at with any questions, and she will get you connected to our experts!


      Fuel and Hydrate for Optimal Performance
      Choose My Plate
      Good sources for US Ski & Snowboard supplement rules
      Nutrition topics for athletes


      Safe Sport

      It is the Winter Park Competition Center’s top priority to be diligent and intentional about creating a safe environment for our athletes and membership, and in the prevention of bullying, harassment, and abuse. All staff undergoes yearly Safe Sport and the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) training. We apply those best practices in all Competition Center activities and interactions. For more information, please visit the following links:

      Preventing and Addressing Abuse

      Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention

    • sPorts Perforamce Psychology


      - Felt like everything goes well in training, but when you get to a competition, you can’t seem to perform?

      - Felt like fear of injury is holding you back from accomplishing your goals?

      - Felt like nerves get the best of you on competition day?


      Sports Psychology allows one to navigate the pressures, obstacles, pitfalls, and emotional ups and downs of elite sports effectively and efficiently. Through mental skills training, one can become aware of the interplay between their physiological system and psychological and emotional factors.

      Learning how to think in the most effective way possible in a variety of situations helps one become not only a better athlete, but more importantly, a highly functional, mentally strong human being.


      An athlete can be in the best shape of their life and trained their bodies to perform, but if they show up on competition day and cannot use their mind to support their success, the physical preparation itself is not enough for optimal performance.

      Sports psychology is becoming a central piece of elite athletics – From professional teams and athletes to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, training the MIND is becoming an essential piece of performance enhancement.


      Mental skills training and sports psychology provide the opportunity for athletes to discover the power they have within themselves, and the ability to use it when it matters most.Skills that are developed include:

      - Focus, concentration, allocation of attention

      - Confidence

      - Self-motivation

      - Overcoming obstacles

      - Handling pressure

      - Self-talk

      - Imagery, visualization


      On-hill consultation is an opportunity for your athlete to receive mental skills coaching while in their training environment, as opposed to the classroom. On-hill mental skills consultation allows them to get in-the-moment feedback and helps immensely with transferring skills taught in sessions to their performance on the mountain.


      Winter Park Competition Center is now on the cutting edge of sports science with the introduction of comprehensive biofeedback training protocols. We use heart rate, respiration, muscle tension, skin conductance, and peripheral skin temperature to tell us more about how your body manifests stress, and then work with you to improve self-regulation!

      During biofeedback sessions, athletes receive instantaneous feedback demonstrating the mind-body connection. It allows us to assess an athlete’s ability to handle stress, as well as how quickly they can bring their physiology back to baseline. After determining the baseline responses, we then have the opportunity to train the body to adapt to stress.

      Sports psychology resources- apps, podcasts, books, and blogs.

    • Athlete/Coach of the week

      Athlete and Coach of the Week nominations are submitted on a weekly basis by our program directors, staff, and coaches. Our nominees must exemplify one or more of our Competition Center core values: integrity, excellence, team, and fun. We post features of our Athletes and Coaches of the Week on our Competition Center Facebook and Instagram. A recap of the winners is included in our monthly newsletters.

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    • Sports Performance Staff

      Stephanie Zavilla, sports performance director

      Entering her tenth season with the Competition Center, Stephanie gets to live her dream every single day, serving as the Director of Sports Performance. In this role, she coordinates and supervises Strength and Conditioning, Sport Psychology, Injury Management, Sports Nutrition, and Return-to-Sport Programs. After earning a double major in Psychology and History with a minor in Coaching from the University of South Dakota, she went on to receive her Masters in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 2013. During her time at the University of South Dakota, she played four years with the school’s NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Team!

      Stephanie has worked as a consultant for a myriad of sports and organizations on a group and individual basis. She has experience in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, exercise endurance, lacrosse, figure skating, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, Paralympic skiing, and gymnastics. She has worked with athletes ranging from those who are just beginning their recreational sports careers to those who are competing at the international, professional, or Olympic level. A certified consultant for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Stephanie spoke at several regional and national conferences on her work in heart rate variability biofeedback and has authored several peer-reviewed articles that feature her research in the parent-athlete relationship. She has recently co-authored a graduate-level textbook chapter on the psychophysiology of self-regulation. On the side, Stephanie enjoys being an adjunct faculty for her alma mater, the University of Denver, working with high-risk occupations and running a private practice out of Denver.

      Stephanie’s philosophy revolves around the idea that simply by being aware, present, and in love with what you do, you will gain freedom. Freedom from judgmental thoughts and the constraints of internal and external pressures result in freedom of movement and the opportunity to step beyond perceived limits.

      Outside of working with parents, athletes, and coaches, Stephanie finds happiness in hiking, camping, white water kayaking, Paul Simon, and skiing as many months in a row as possible (113 and counting!).

      Steph Zavilla
      Sports Performance Director

      JEFF RUSSELL, Team Physiotherapist

      Jeff began skiing in his home State of Maine at the age of 3 and moved to Colorado in the early 1990s to pursue a more consistent ski season. He has been a physical therapist in the Fraser Valley for over 20 years. Jeff has treated National Team members and Olympians from around the world. His practice is based on an osteopathic background with a functional approach that emphasizes injury prevention through balanced strength and flexibility, and appropriate biomechanics. In his capacity as a therapist, he has designed ski-specific training programs for the community for over 10 years. Jeff is also a fully certified skiing instructor in Nordic and Nordic downhill disciplines through Professional Ski Instructors of America and has recently become certified as a coach by United States Ski and Snowboard. Jeff currently coaches for Winter Park Competition Center Nordic Program.

      Other team members include...

      Chris Skibba, Team Nutrition and Strength Conditioning Expert
      Mike Mata, Sport Psychology Consultant
      Jake Kluver, Sport Psychology Consultant
      Darby Hartmann, Sport Psychology Consultant

    • preferred providers

      Official Orthopedic Medicine Partner
      of the Competition Center

      As an orthopedic surgeon native to Colorado, Dr. Justin Newman understands the importance of an active lifestyle. Using the most innovative techniques supported by the best research, his practice focuses on returning his patients to sports, work and activity as quickly as possible. This includes helping his patients to resolve sports injuries, and to heal and preserve their hips, knees and shoulders.

      Appointments:(303) 344-9090

      Official Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine, and Primary Care Partner of the Comp. Center

      Winter Park Medical Center
      145 Parsenn Rd.
      Winter Park, CO 80482

      Denver Health Main Campus
      777 Bannock Street
      Denver, CO 80204
      Appointments: 303-436-4949
      Operator: 303-436-6000