Coca-Cola Movie Nights

Free Movie Fridays!
This summer your movie theater is unlike any you've ever experienced. Join us at 9,000 thousand ft. in the Village at Winter Park every Friday for FREE movies the whole family can enjoy. Our cozy set up is the perfect place for you to come and unwind after a long day of discovery and adventure. So sit back and relax in your new favorite movie theater in the mountains. All movies will begin shortly after sunset.

Winter Park will provide:
- The Movie! No price of admission at every show. All Movie Nights are free throughout the summer season!
- Chairs. Winter Park will provide chairs the whole family, so leave those camp chairs behind.
- A totally awesome place to watch a movie. Take in the fresh mountain air while you kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. All movies will premier at the Cabriolet Meadow. Located at the top of the Village next to the Cabriolet.

What to bring:
- An extra jacket or blankets. Remember, here in the mountains once the sun goes down so does the temperature. Be sure to bring extra layers or a blanket to stay nice and cozy during the movie.

- Snacks! No movie would be complete without popcorn, your favorite candy, and a bottle of Coca-Cola.
Tip* Stop by Treeline Treats during the day to stock up on all your movie night essentials.

Movie Schedule

DateMovieRatingSunset TimeStartFinish
6/24ShrekPG8:35 PM8:45 PM10:15 PM
7/1The Mighty DucksPG8:35 PM8:45 PM10:25 PM
7/8Monsters Inc.G8:35 PM8:45 PM10:21 PM
7/15Space Jam
*1996 Version
PG8:34 PM8:45 PM10:13 PM
7/22Cool RunningsPG8:26 PM8:45 PM10:23 PM
7/29Willy Wonka
*1971 Version
G8:19 PM8:30 PM10:08 PM
*1995 Version
PG8:12 PM8:30 PM10:10 PM
8/12Parent TrapPG8:03 PM8:15 PM10:23 PM
8/19HolesPG7:45 PM8:15 PM10:15 PM
8/26Dumb & DumberPG - 137:43 PM8:15 PM10:02 PM

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