Mountaintop Happy hour

Happy Hour just got elevated. Take a smooth ride up the Gondola for Mountaintop Happy Hour, Fridays & Saturdays, June 24th - September 5th. Enjoy spectacular views of the continental divide, live music, and your favorite Colorado Craft. Live music schedule below.

Didn't purchase an activity ticket, not an Ikon or Winter Park Passholder, or just too tired from adventuring the day before but want to experience Winter Park in the evening? We have you covered! Gondola Passes are available for purchase for $41 after 4pm on Fridays & Saturdays to access Mountaintop Happy Hour. Plus, with your Gondola ticket you will receive a $20 food and drink voucher per pass to use at Sunspot, making your happy hour even happier.

DaysTimePriceAgeFood & Drink Voucher
Fridays & Saturdays
June 24 - September 3
4pm - 7pm$41All agesComplimentary $20
* Mountaintop Happy Hour tickets will not be sold after 6pm on Fridays & Saturdays.
*Food Vouchers can only be redeemed by purchasing Gondola Day Passes in person at the ticket window after 4pm.
*The last ride up the Gondola to Sunspot will be at 6:30pm, the last ride down the Gondola to the Base will be at 7pm.

Live Music Schedule

*Bands are subject to change
June 244:00pm - 7:00pmAndy Straus and Danjo Harris
June 254:00pm -7:00pmOren and Lauren
July 14:00pm - 7:00pmJonas Schultz
July 24:00pm - 7:00pmEric Martinez
July 84:00pm - 7:00pmMoffat Tunnel Band
July 94:00pm - 7:00pmJed Henry
July 154:00pm - 7:00pm
** Performance canceled due to weather
July 164:00pm - 7:00pmTara Rose
July 224:00pm - 7:00pmJason Hicks and Amy Herron
July 234:00pm - 7:00pmGhost Town Duo
July 294:00pm - 7:00pmBlackdog
July 304:00pm - 7:00pmEric "Oly" Olsen

August 54:00pm - 7:00pmKory Montgomery
August 64:00pm - 7:00pmMichael Kirkpatrick and Ace Engfer
August 124:00pm - 7:00pmAlex Johnstone and Bonnie Culpepper
August 134:00pm - 7:00pmMoffat Tunnel Band
August 194:00pm - 7:00pmTara Rose
August 204:00pm - 7:00pmJessica Malone and Hattie Craven
August 264:00pm - 7:00pmHunker Down Trio
August 274:00pm - 7:00pmChantil Dukart
September 24:00pm - 7:00pmChris Thompson
September 34:00pm - 7:00pmAce Engfer and Bob Masters
Are you a 22/23 Ikon or Winter Park Passholder?

If so did you know you can get free Gondola access not all summer long! No additional purchase required, just scan your existing 22/23 pass and secure your spot on our Scenic Gondola to access Mountaintop Happy Hour, High Alpine Hiking, relax at sunspot take in those unforgettable views.

Mountaintop adventures await