Winter Park Classics
Cross-Country Bike Race SerieS

The Winter Park Classics is the newly reinvented mountain bike series located in Winter Park, Colorado. The Winter Park Classics consists of the three races that capture our most popular routes from the Epic Singletrack Series as well as those classic courses that have been in use since the early days of the Winter Park Mountain Bike Series.

From junior riders up to professional racers, we have a category that suits everyone - even if it’s your first race! We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming, fun race series for anyone who wants to get out and ride. For the professional rider, we offer a competitive professional rider purse for the top three men and top three women in each category. The Winter Park race series has included such luminaries as Alison Powers, Brian Lopes, Lance Armstrong, and Susan DeBiase.

    • Primal point-to-point

      Saturday, June 24, 2023

      This event begins at the base of Winter Park Resort, racing approximately 21 miles through the Fraser Valley trail system, and finishes at the St. Louis Creek Campground.

      Plate pick-up for all categories will be at Winter Park Resort.Awards will follow the event after riders return to the base of Winter Park Resort.

      2022 Official Results

      2022 Course descriptions*
      Sport and Clydesdale
      Pro, Expert, and Single Speed

      2022 Course maps*
      Sport and Clydesdale
      Pro, Expert, and Single Speed

      *All courses and start times are subject to change. GPS file links can be found in course maps and course description documents.

    • Super Loop

      Saturday, July 29, 2023
      The Super Loop course will have new trail options, starting and finishing at Winter Park Resort. Full course description coming soon!

    • Tipperary Classic

      Saturday, August 26, 2023

      The Tipperary Classic (formerly King of the Rockies) has been the iconic mountain bike race in Winter Park for over 25 years. The course begins in Fraser, following miles of amazing, scenic singletrack trails, and finishes at the Winter Park Resort base area. Riders who ride in this race gain bragging rights for stepping up to this challenging race.


      2022 Course description
      Race Course Description

      2022 Course Maps with gps links
      Full Course Map
      Novice Course Map
      Junior Course Map

    • Full Series

      Series Registration

      Thank you to each and every rider that came out to compete in our 2022 Winter Park Classics Series! Official results for each race can be found by clicking on the race tabs and selecting "Official Results".

      Congratulations to the Winter Park Classics 2022 Series Winners and thank you to our volunteers who showed up to make it all happen! We are already looking forward to 2023 competitions.

      2022 Full Series Results

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Series registration:
    $195 - Age 19+
    $135 - Age 18 and under

    WPC Single race registration:
    $75 - Age 19+
    $55 - Age 18 and under (Novice, Sport, and Expert)


    All racers MUST register online. Single race registration closes when capacity is reached or at 11:59 am one day before the race (if the race is on Saturday, registration closes 11:59 am on Friday), whichever comes first. No registrations will be permitted after this time.

    Registration Deadline: June 21, 2023

    Visit It's Your Race and search for "Winter Park Classics" to find upcoming races and get registered.


    If you are uncertain of what class you belong in still, it is recommended that you select the lower class that you are contemplating.

    You may change Ability class during the season, however, changing ability class during the season will eliminate the competitor from overall series calculations. *No age group changes, only ability class.*

    Requests for category changes must be submitted via email to by midnight the night prior to the race. Once a rider moves up a class, they cannot move back down to the lower class.

    Any racer who is consistently finishing in the top of their class is encouraged to move up to the next ability class. Move-ups are done at rider discretion.

    All Novice, Sport and Expert riders must select their Age class. This is based on the age that you will be on December 31 of the current race year.


    Men’s age groups by ability and category

    NOVICE – U15, 15-18, 19+
    SPORT – U19, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
    EXPERT – U19, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
    OPEN – 60+

    Women’s age groups by ability and category

    NOVICE – U15, 15-18, 19+
    SPORT – U19, 19-29, 30-39, 40+
    EXPERT – U19, 19-29, 30-39, 40+
    OPEN – 50+

    A racer may choose to withdraw from a race by notifying Withdrawals received at least 7 days prior to the race are eligible for a 70% refund. Withdrawals submitted less than 7 days in advance must be received by 4 pm on the day prior to the race to be eligible for a 25% refund. For Series racers, withdrawal from the full series or changing to single race entries must be received by 4 pm on the day prior to the first race of the series. No refunds for withdrawal/cancellations on or after race day.

    Should it be necessary to reschedule or cancel a race, registrants wishing to defer or request a partial cancellation will be required to complete a deferral or refund request form online in order to be eligible for the reschedule/cancellation policy option. Requests must be received within 7 days of the announcement of the cancellation or rescheduled race date.

    Option 1: Defer registration to another race

    • Deferred entry to the rescheduled race date or another Winter Park Classics race of your choice based on original amount paid for registration. If unable to use the deferral during the current season, requests to extend the deferral through the following race season may be sent to

    Option 2: Partial refund

    • Reschedule/cancellation announced 30+ days prior to event: 50% refund

    • Reschedule/cancellation announced 1 – 29 days prior to event: 25% refund


    1) All racers MUST register online. Registration closes when capacity is reached or at 11:59 am one day before the race (if the race is on Saturday, registration closes 11:59 am on Friday), whichever comes first. No registrations will be permitted after this time).

    2) A start list will be generated and posted on our website the evening before the race. Please find your start time on the start list which will be emailed to all registrants, the It’s Your Race app, or on our website before arriving at the race.

    3) All riders must attend the pre-race briefing (riders’ meeting). This meeting will be virtual and distributed electronically with our 8 p.m. newsletter the night prior to the race.

    4) Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun.

    5) All repairs during an event will be performed by the individual racer unless a tech station is staged on course by the Competition Center.

    6) All spare parts and tools shall be carried by the individual racer, to be used only by that racer; cannibalizing other bikes is not permitted. A racer can only use spare parts or tools that he/she started with at the beginning of the race.

    7) The responsibility of keeping on the prescribed course rests with the rider. A rider is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the race course. A rider may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered to do so by public authorities or a race official.

    8) Laws and ordinances of appropriate jurisdictions shall be observed during participation in any event.

    9) No rider previewing the course may interfere with a race in progress.

    10) Riders have the opportunity to walk the course and take practice runs whenever practical.

    12) Intentionally removing obstacles deemed by officials to be part of the character of the race course is prohibited.

    13) Course markings and marshals will be staged throughout each course to designate course route.

    14) Timing will be executed using Jaguar Innovative Timing Systems based on your Start Time. A Start Clock will be at the start synced up with the software and visible at the Start of each competition.

    15) Results will be produced using our It’s Your Race Software (IYR) which integrates with our timing software. You may view your unofficial results on the IYR app on your phone following the completion of your race.

    16) The protest period for your result will begin after the race is completed and the timers have returned to the base. The protest period is 30 minutes long from this point. During this timeframe, if you need to protest, call (970) 726-1590.
    If a racer decides to protest, they will have to pay a $50 protest fee which will be reimbursed back to them if they win their protest.

    For professional racers, a competitive professional purse is awarded to the top three men and top three women in the Pro category for each race.

    Racers that make the top three in each class may attend the awards ceremony at the Winter Park Village Stage. A tentative awards schedule will be posted online ahead of the race, and is subject to change. If you are not able to attend the award ceremony and are in the top 3 finishers in your category, your medal will be available for pick up in the Competition Center in Balcony House. Competition Center office hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 9 am – 3:30 pm.

    Award winners who missed awards will have two weeks from the final Winter Park Classics race to claim their rewards. Winnings may be picked up in the Competition Center Office located inside the Balcony House.

    Series Riders will be ranked based on the point that they earn over the course all Winter Park Classics races, using all of your points combined to tabulate overall score. Points are based on the World Cup Point System. Riders must have completed all of the Winter Park Classics races in the same category to qualify.

    World Cup Points structure

    Series results will be presented online following the final race. Series winners may attend the awards ceremony at the Winter Park Village Stage following the final race. A tentative awards schedule will be posted online ahead of the race, and is subject to change.

    There will NOT be Team Scoring, Team Results or Team Awards.

    For further clarity, please contact us at or by calling (970) 726-1590.

    Community stakeholders determined that it is time to return to the roots of this mountain bike race series and represent the Winter Park area by renaming the mountain bike series as the Winter Park Classics. Before the series was renamed the Epic Singletrack Series, it was known as the Winter Park Mountain Bike Series. We are using the word Classics instead of Series as a way to honor our long history of bike racing and the classic courses our loyal racers have come to know and love over the years.

    An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death, especially for individuals with underlying medical conditions. By participating in this event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

    Competition Center Office:

    Phone: 970-726-1590

    To view office hours, visit the Competition Centers Resources and FAQ page.
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