Winter Park is the closest major ski resort near Denver at just 67 miles away. Don’t be fooled by our convenient location, though… you’ll feel remotely tucked away in our high country corner of the Rockies. With easy access to 765,000 acres of public land, Winter Park is home to endless adventures and an unparalleled and unfiltered Colorado experience.

With over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, Winter Park Resort offers an unforgettable experience for any kind of adventurer, whether you’re just here to take in the views, or looking to really get your adrenaline pumping.

And don’t think that things slow down once the snow melts! The summer sun brings bike park rippers, scenic trail trekkers, and speedy alpine sliders for a whole new take on Winter Park adventure.

We are a community of explorers and adrenaline junkies; sight seers and nature lovers; lifelong skiers and fly fishing fanatics; mountain bikers and peak hikers… The opportunities for mountain adventure are endless, but we all share one common appreciation for this vast and pristine area.

As a celebration of this mountain lifestyle, we have refreshed our partnership with the community as a whole to establish Winter Park as a prime Colorado destination, connecting people with nature and embracing our shared value of the outdoors.

Our New Brand
Not only are we getting $30 million in updates this season— but we’re also getting a new brand! Yes, this does mean a new logo, but it also means so much more!

At the core of the new cohesive brand is the recognition of the Winter Park experience as one of transformation, for those who choose to live the mountain lifestyle, and for those who come to taste it for a few days. It has been a united community effort to redefine the look of Winter Park, incorporating Winter Park Resort’s historic shield and augmenting it with a more contemporary design and wordmark. The snowcapped mountain within the shield is a nod to the iconic Parry Peak, which stands sentry over the entire Winter Park Community. The new brand will be used throughout Winter Park and Winter Park Resort, and will focus on the community’s representation of the quintessential Colorado experience—untouched and open.

This is an exciting season at Winter Park— check it out for yourself!

Winter Park Resort FAQS

To develop an overarching brand for our destination town, Winter Park, Colorado and to build cohesive messaging and experiences when guests arrive in Winter Park.

The shield is evolving. It is transforming and has a new iteration, with mountains at our core.
The original Winter Park shield is a crucial part of our legacy, and will live on as the Winter Park Territory shield, allowing it to remain woven into the fabric of the resort.
Just as skiing has continued to evolve and grow, so has our town, our community, and our resort. Winter Park Resort is connecting with the community to provide a better experience for our guests.
Winter Park’s sense of pure mountain adventure represents the quintessential Colorado experience – untouched and open. Accessible by car, train, shuttle and bike, Winter Park is the closest major mountain destination to Denver. Surrounded by Arapaho National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness and home to Rocky Mountain National Park, Winter Park makes adventure as easy to get to as it is to love.

We want to share this message and use it as a vehicle to share with a wider-ranging audience that Winter Park is a world-class ski destination. The brand does not reinvent who we are, rather it distills down who we have always been- a place where vast world-class mountain adventures await, with access to 765,000 acres of public lands, unique adventure can be found all year long right from the heart of Winter Park. Hit the trail to hike, ski, snowshoe and bike.

The brand highlights Winter Park’s transformative nature in small and big ways, for those who choose to live the mountain lifestyle, and for those who come to taste it for a few days.
We have a unique relationship with Winter Park, and we are looking to celebrate that collaboration in a way that strengthens our collective community and unites the many voices of the people of Winter Park.

We are stronger together. By combining into one brand and a singular messaging platform, we aim to elevate the holistic experience for locals and visitors alike.
This was a community process that had multiple rounds of input from local stake holders and underwent extensive consumer testing.