Did you expect North America’s highest six-passenger chairlift to ascend to views that AREN’T utterly majestic? But Parsenn Bowl is more than breathtaking 360-degree vistas. It’s an intermediate-friendly, high-alpine experience, from challenging to chill, starting with a wide-open bowl and ending in gorgeous glades more than 1,600 vertical feet below.
Parsenn Bowl Territory Video

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Parsenn Bowl Territory Video

7 Must Do Experiences

  1. Being able to view Long’s Peak in RMNP from the top of the Bowl
  2. Deciding where to head into the glades from Parry’s Peek
  3. Carving big turns on a powder day down the face of the Bowl
  4. Taking a pic of the 360 degree panoramic views with our friends
  5. Riding the Panoramic in big wind
  6. Finding your friends after popping out of the glades
  7. Opening your sack lunch and enjoying the views from the top

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