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No matter your child’s skill level, a group lesson ensures a fun, and educational experience for an unbeatable value. Kids snowboarding group lessons offered to participants ages 4-14 years old.
Lesson Type Skill Level 22/23 Prices* Lesson Duration
Full DayAll Levels$239 - $2646 hrs, 9:15am - 3pm
*Price range dependent on date and time of booking

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Helpful Information
Lift Tickets are required for all lessons.

Lift Tickets are not included but can be added on to a lesson for a discounted rate.
Lift Ticket Add-On
Age 4-6: $20
Age 7-14: $44
Full day lessons meet at 9am and run from 9:15am - 3pm

All lessons will meet at Sorenson Park.

Download a details map, here.

Lesson meeting area

Guests can cancel lessons penalty-free up to 7 days in advance of arrival or rebook for later in the season. Purchases become non-refundable 7 days prior to arrival. Up to 9am MT the day prior to arrival, purchases may be rebooked for a different date during the current season. There is no rebooking fee and price differences will be charged. Guests who are not able to use purchased product in the current season may request a resort credit that may be used within a year. Requests for modifications to dates and/or packages after 9am MT day prior to arrival can be requested by emailing

Every child in Ski + Ride School will be equipped with a GPS unit. At the end of the day instructors will hand out a Flaik code to parents and kids who can then go online to to track vertical feet and map runs. Type in your child’s code, the date, and hit the “Relive your day” button.
Instructors can carry any medication/epi-pens in a specially marked pack with a form filled out by parents with specifics about the medication. Instructors cannot administer any medication but will call Ski Patrol if the Child cannot administer it.
Have more questions? Please email us at or call 800.729.7907