Terrain Park Territory. Proof that jumps, jibs and rails are truly for everyone. Our entire park system features an 18-foot superpipe and more than 80 other innovative, progressive features that we’re always re-configuring to enhance your—and our own—creativity on the slopes, making our halfdozen parks both a chilled-out home for beginners and a challenging test for experts…but only after earning their way into Dark Territory.

Must Do Experiences

• Following your kids through Ash Cat
• Hitting “A Horse Named Kid” in Railyard
• Sitting on Snoasis deck witnessing tricks on the last jump in Dark Territory
• Jumping the Galapagos Turtle in Gangway
• Friday Night Mini Rail James in Bouncer
Devin Kearns Devin Kearns

Devin Kearns

Terrain Park Territory Ambassador

Instragram Icon Light
Favorite Ski/Snowboard Memory Building a back yard rail set up in Old Town Winter Park!  Jumping off our roof then over the Fraser river was the line of choice!
Favorite Après Spot Winter Park Pub, Taco Tuesday!
Super Power You Wished You Had To never get injured- being indestructible
#1 Thing on Bucket list Skiing in Japan, JAPOW
Favorite Winter Activity Park skiing on a blue bird day with the crew

Terrain Parks

Welcome to the source for all the information surrounding the park and pipe program at Winter Park Resort. Whether you want to register for a free-ride event, learn about the Dark Territory Pass program, check out the latest Smart Style video, or just browse the photo/video galleries, you're in the right spot.
Bouncer Bouncer
Starter & Bouncer

Starter Park is the place to START riding rails.

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Gangway Gangway

Never heard of this park? Perhaps not, but in the past you have probably hit this medium sized park on the way down from Ash Cat, back to the lift.

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Ash Cat Ash Cat
Ash Cat

Ash Cat is a mixed small and medium sized park with features to help you build your park riding skills.

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Re-Railer Re-Railer

Re-railer is a great medium-sized park to take tricks and style to the next level.

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Rail Yard Rail Yard
Rail yard

Rail Yard®, home to a massive inventory of features including our superpipe, is Winter Park’s premier and most advanced terrain park.

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Dark Territory Dark Territory
Dark Territory

Dark Territory® provides a controlled-accessed section of the Rail Yard® for those who are on top of their game!

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Winter Park Resort, the City of Denver, and Denver Parks and Recreation Department will host for the third year, Ruby Hill Rail Yard, a free urban ski and ride terrain park located just outside of Downtown Denver.

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