BurtonDejaVu BurtonDejaVu
Burton Deja Vu

From unexplored peaks to your favorite parks, the Burton Deja Vu tames anything that stands in your way. The board’s smooth rocker profile surfs through deep powder, while subtle camber underfoot and a true twin design keeps you in control no matter which way you point it. Side Effects lengthen the contact points to add float and create a more forgiving feel, while Overbite Frostbite’s all-wheel-drive edge control gives chargers the upper hand on hardpack and technical terrain.

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Burton Lip-Stick

For the lady who takes her freestyle skills to the upper echelon of the mountain, the award-winning Burton Lip-Stick brings grace and power to progressive freestyle. More playful than the Feelgood and an upgrade in performance over the Socialite, the Lip-Stick and its Flat Top™ Bend offers the forgiving freedom and stability to take on any terrain or condition. It’s innovative true twin shape makes it really fun to ride in both directions, while a sintered base keeps it fast, even if you have no time to wax it.

BurtonSocialite BurtonSocialite
Burton Socialite

With an extra poppy flex, the souped-up Burton Socialite is for riders who charge hard. Looser than the Lip-Stick and with more oooomph than the Deja Vu, it’s the perfect recipe for partying on any terrain. The flat, ultra-thin, and skate-like profile improves the ride, thanks to Filet-O-Flex design, yet rips harder than any soft board out there. Ramped-up grip and a fast yet low-maintenance sintered base offer control and durability in variable conditions, while the Off-Axis construction perfectly aligns the board’s design to your body’s stance and positioning for board feel that fits like a glove.

BurtonStoryBoard BurtonStoryBoard
Burton Story Board

When our designers saw women reaching for men’s models like the Flight Attendant, they decided it was high time to create the ultimate women’s freeride machine. The Burton Story Board is designed to create hard charging moments – the kind you’ll be spinning yarns about for years to come. Control, versatility and confidence are key themes. A women’s-specific core profile complements the directionally cambered shape and 10mm of taper with torsional flex that drives and floats through turns on groomers and deep days alike.

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Burton Talent Scout

The Burton Talent Scout is on a mission to track down the best of park progression. A step up in pro-driven attitude from the Deja Vu, its PurePop Camber amplified ollies with a more playful take on traditional camber response. Designed to fit like a glove, the Talent Scout’s Off-Axis design aligns the Squeezebox core profiling and Frostbite Edges with the typical park rider’s stance, unlocking the board’s natural flex and edge hold for buttery smooth control.

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Burton Throwback

A resurrection of the 1981 Burton Backhill, this ride-able piece of history is built for surfing snow in your own backyard. While this snowboard is gripped and ready to rip, it is not recommended for riding at resorts or on hardpack or icy conditions.

K2LimeLite-Showcase K2LimeLite-Showcase
K2 Limelight

With women’s freestyle riding progressing faster than ever before, we’ve designed the true twin Lime Lite for cleaner takeoffs, smoother presses, and precision landings. The women’s-specific Rhythm Core™ is designed to reduce weight and improve edge control so you can focus on progression, while the Twin Rocker Baseline™ has a flat mid-section with smooth Tweekend™ tip and tail for added predictability. The Carbon Torque Forks™ provide extra ollie power, making the Lime Lite the perfect board pushing your skills both inside and outside of the terrain park.

K2PartyPlatter-Showcase K2PartyPlatter-Showcase
K2 Party Platter

Perhaps the quickest turning, easiest-to-maneuver board in the line-up, riders love the Party Platter’s slashy playfulness and tight tree maneuverability. Our Volume Shift™ concept delivers a playful feel, and the all-terrain rocker (complete with Tweekend™ tip and tail) add up to the sum of a predictable, precise, and versatile snowboard you will ride every day.

RideCompact-Showcase RideCompact-Showcase
Ride Compact

The Compact returns for another season with an all-new shape, but still sports the versatility that riders keep coming back for. Rocker makes riding powder effortless and also allows for a catch-free ride in firmer snow conditions. The board profile flattens out underfoot for a stable flat zone that provides consistent tracking for added confidence while you're riding fast. The softer flex makes initiating turns easier and Slimewalls to absorb vibration and added durability. The Compact combines performance features with a soft-flexing feel for a board that is fun in any condition, for any ability.

RideHellcat-Showcase RideHellcat-Showcase
Ride Hellcat

Cats were idolized for centuries and then persecuted as unholy creatures of the devil for many more, but we've only heard good things about this all-mountain tool of destruction. This slightly directional shape features rocker in the nose for flotation in the bottomless pits of powder and a camber zone underfoot for added control and pop to boost you closer to the heavens. Our Carbon Slimewalls combine layers of carbon fiber with our urethane Slimewall technology. The urethane layers increase durability and reduce vibration for stability at high speeds as you straight line it towards that pond skim of fire, while the carbon fiber layers increase edge-to-edge response and pop to allow you to boost over any imps or demons who impede your righteous path in the park or backcountry. The Hellcat balances the high-end materials with women's specific features to provide an all-mountain board that can handle any condition. Caution: though named for a cat, this board will not make sure you always land on your feet like team rider Hana Beaman.

RideOMG-Showcase RideOMG-Showcase
Ride OMG

The OMG doesn't really look like it would be anybody's girlfriend, let alone one of those rap guy's. Let's face it, the OMG is a strong, independent park dominator that doesn't need a man. This asymmetrical twin is back with an all-new shape and features hybrid camber for a catch-free feel at the contact points and camber under foot to give you the control and pop you are looking for in a freestyle deck. LSD Carbon Slimerods 2.0 increase edge-to-edge response and pop, while the Slimewalls make this deck comfortable at speed and durable enough to take a beating. 38-42-26? Maybe if you're 5'3". If you like big boards, we can't deny that it also comes in a 150. A team favorite, the OMG will perform on any terrain but has technical features geared toward freestyle riding.

SalomonGypsyClassicks-Showcase SalomonGypsyClassicks-Showcase
Salomon Gypsy Classicks

The all new Gypsy by Desiree Melancon upgrades the Gypsy Snowboard with a unique graphic by Des, new features, Area 51 Base, Quadralizer, Gunslinger Sidewalls for more control, maneuverability, and better flex in the park.

SalomonPillowTalk-Jane SalomonPillowTalk-Jane
Salomon Pillow Talk

This gem is tailored specifically for women. Featuring a tapered and wider design for maneuverability and floatation in the deep stuff, Rock Out Camber for pop, Quadralizer for superior edge control, Ghost Basalt Stringers deliver control and maneuverability, Aspen Slect Core to decrease weight.

SalomonRumbleFish-Jane SalomonRumbleFish-Jane
Salomon Rumble Fish

A Women's specific quiver killer, for the confident ladies who don't hesitate to take the lines they want. The rumble fish is fusing our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions. Highlighting Popster Booster to serve up a smooth and playful ride.

SalomonWonder-Jane SalomonWonder-Jane
Salomon Wonder

Designed to turn any old day into one for the books, the Wonder snowboard is made with a Cross Profile for supreme edge control, an Aspen SLCT for more pop, and Royal Rubber Pads to soften the impact of bumpy landings. It also has Gost Basalt stringers for better comfort and stability at High speed.