Dynastar Intense 6 Express W11 System Dynastar Intense 6 Express W11 System
Dynastar Intense 6

Perfect for beginning women skiers, the INTENSE 6 merges award-winning technology with our innovative, women-specific construction for the most comfortable and fluid carving sensations on snow. Active Light Core and Powerdrive Inside technologies work in harmony, offering a balanced, natural flex for more comfortable and accessible on-trail precision and edge grip. Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation for playful, energetic carving performance!

Head Kore 93 Head Kore 93
Head Kore 93

The KORE 93 handles well even on the slopes. Off-piste and back country feels like home. If you have never been on a wide ski before, you will now. Why? Thanks to its innovative design, it feels like like an ordinary slope ski. But the big difference is that you can use it on any terrain. The KORE 93 Ski is perfect for touring and downhill skiing. It combines the best of both worlds and remains lightweight. Just click in and go explore the mountains!

K2 Poacher K2 Poacher
K2 Poacher

A Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan collaboration, the Poacher is K2's flagship tool of choice for urban rail missions, parks, wu-tangs, or spring slush. A durable freestyle player both in the park and beyond, this stick has a Carbon Boost Braid and stiff flex profile for the added responsiveness you need to attack any feature. Metal rivets and a blended Double Barrel Core improve both durability and liveliness.

K2 Thrilluvit K2 Thrilluvit
K2 Thrilluvit

New for 17/18, the Thrilluvit 85 makes it easier than ever to dabble in K2's freeride category with an easy-to-control 85mm waist and easy-to-turn playful freeride profile. Advanced skiers will appreciate its nimbleness on technical terrain, while those new to the freeride category will be hooked by its flow and finesse.

Rossi Experience 84 HD Rossi Experience 84 HD
Rossignol Experience 84 HD

Ski selection, both model and length, always will be a very personal and subjective decision. When making your length decision, we have found the following factors should be taken into consideration.
Optimal ski length is typically determined by the following order: weight, ability, height, and aggressiveness. Less aggressive advancing skiers should error on the shorter size, while more aggressive and accomplished skiers may choose to move up a size.