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How Do I redeem International Tickets?

ResortBookingRedemption Pickup
Tomamu (Japan)Lodging Required
Tomamu Website
Show your season pass to ticket staff, staff will then check if the guest is staying at the hotel and issue tickets for the number of booked nights. Ticket window at The Tower or Risonare Tomamu.
Alts Bandai (Japan)Lodging Required
ALTS Website
Show your season pass to ticket staff, staff will then check if the guest is staying at the hotel and issue tickets for the number of booked nights. Ticket window at Resort Center.
Nekoma (Japan)No Lodging RequiredShow your season pass to ticket staff to be issued tickets. Ticket window at Resort Center.
Cardrona (New Zealand)Lodging RequiredEmail with an accommodation booking request and the lift ticket benefit request. To Book Lodging Online Click HereTicket office at Cardrona.
Mt. Ruapehu (New Zealand)No Lodging RequiredShow season pass to Customer Relations Office with one form photo id to redeem. Passes can be pre-arranged by emailing *A $5 new card fee and full terms and conditions apply. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Customer Relations Office
Hlidarfjall (Iceland) Lodging RequiredPassholders show their pass at the ticket office and in return the passholder will get a day pass on a RFID card (That needs to be purchased if he does not have one, we are using SKI DATA system).Ticket office at Hlidarfjall.

What is the Privacy Policy?

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What is Pass Insurance?
Red Sky’s Ski Pass Preserver Insurance is available for purchase for 6% of the price of the pass product. Red Sky’s Ski Pass Preserver Insurance Plan can provide coverage for you and your ski pass investment when the unexpected happens. The plan may provide coverage if:
Your or a Family Member’s death, Sickness or Injury.
Your primary place of residence or destination is made Uninhabitable and remains Uninhabitable during the Season Pass Coverage Period, by fire, flood, or other Natural Disaster, vandalism, or burglary of Your principle place of residence.
Your transfer of employment of 100 miles or more by the employer with whom You or Your Spouse are employed on Your Effective Date which requires Your principal residence to be relocated.
Revocation of Your previously granted military leave or re-assignment. Official written notice of the revocation or re-assignment by a supervisor or commanding officer of the appropriate branch of service will be required.

Your pregnancy, provided the pregnancy occurs after Your Effective Date for Season Pass Cancellation, as verified by medical records.
View a complete description of coverage here.

What is the Installment Payment Plan?
For more information about the new installment payment plan, click here.

How Will I Receive My Pass?

If you had a pass last season and purchase a new one for next season, your existing card from last season will be reactivated for the following season with the pass product you have purchased, even if it is a different pass product than you purchased last season. If you have not had a pass before, you will receive a new pass in the mail (A photo must be loaded to your account).

Passes are mailed starting in the fall, and your pass should arrive prior to the start of ski season. If your pass doesn’t arrive in the mail prior to your first ski day, you can stop by guest services at both the Winter Park and Mary Jane base areas to collect your pass. Guests with pass products that contain access to Copper Mountain and/or Steamboat can collect their passes at those resorts as well.

Purchases of ski passes by first-time guests require your photo to print your pass. Log into your online account to upload a head and shoulders shot (similar to a drivers' license/passport photo), or have your photo taken and pass printed at Winter Park Guest Services on your first visit. Online and telephone purchases of winter season passes are printed and mailed if you have a photo/liability waiver on file and after ‘final balance’ payments have been processed.

Passholders with existing online accounts: please make sure your information is current to help us expedite your purchase. Online and telephone purchases of winter season passes are printed and mailed if you have a photo/liability waiver on file and after ‘final balance’ payments have been processed. International pass holders simply pick-up your pass at Guest Services at the start of your stay.

If you would like to change last year's photo, or the kids have grown and you'd like a different photo on their pass, upload new photos through your online account, and then contact the Season Pass Office at 970-726-1423 to have a new pass issued. Photos need to be uploaded before September 1.

During an online purchase of a season pass, you signed your Release of Liability Waiver. For all phone orders you will need to log into your online account to complete this step. Parents/guardians need to log into their own account to access their minor child's account. If you need help adding or associating a child to your account, please contact us at 800-977-7669. If you have additional questions click here, or call us at 800-977-7669. See you on the slopes soon!

What is Winter Park Resort Charge?
Resort Charge allows you to sync any credit or debit card you have on file with us to your season pass to make purchases at any Winter Park Resort owned and operated location. Note: If you own a multi-mountain season pass, this feature only works at WPR.Click here to sync your season pass and start making purchases.
What is the Refund Policy?
Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and not for re-sale, but you may purchase pass insurance.

What Happened to the Auto Renewal Program?
Since we are now offering a payment plan with installments we are no longer able to offer the automatic renewal program. If you selected this in the past, we recommend trying out our new installment payment plan. $49 down then six easy payments. For more information click here.

What Happened to The Rocky Mountain Super Pass?
Guess what? The RMSP is now the RMSP+ at the same early season cost as the RMSP+. That’s right, since you were already a Rocky Mountain Super Pass holder, we’re moving you up to be a Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus member without the plus in the cost. You’ll have access to even more mountains during the 17/18 season. Continue to get unlimited days at Winter Park Resort and Copper Mountain, PLUS unlimited at Eldora, 6 days at Steamboat, and 3 days at Crested Butte and Mt. Bachelor.
What is the Cut-Off Date to know what age group I'm in?

To qualify for a child or senior pass rate you must be of qualifying age by November 1st 2017.
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How Will I Receive My Pass?

All Trestle and Summer Adventure Season Passes may be picked up in person at Trestle Bike Park Shop beginning Opening Day June 10, 2017, or prior at the Season Pass Office in the Balcony House at Winter Park Resort base 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Trestle and Summer Adventure Season Passes purchased prior to Opening Day online will be mailed to the address on file, only if your photo is uploaded in your account. Trestle Season Passes purchased prior to Opening Day by phone will be mailed to the address on file, only if your photo is uploaded in your account and you sign your liability waiver within your account.

During an online purchase a Release of Liability Waiver is collected. For all phone orders you must log into your online account to complete your Release of Liability Waiver. Parents and guardians must log into their own account to access a minor child's account. If you need help adding or associating a child to your account, please contact us at 800-977-7669.

If you purchased a discounted Trestle or Summer Adventure Pass as an “Add-On” to your 16-17 or 17-18 winter season pass, you will reuse your winter pass from last winter. If the winter 17-18 pass is your first season pass with us, please contact the season pass office to request we print your winter season pass and add-on the Trestle Pass and mail to you. Alternatively, you may call 970-726-1423 to discuss this request.
All purchases of season passes by first-time guests require your photo to print your pass. Log into your online account to upload a head and shoulders shot (similar to a drivers' license/passport photo). You may also have your photo taken and pass printed at Trestle Bike Park Shop on your first visit.
If you have additional questions click here, or call us at 800-977-7669. See you on the trails soon!

What is the Refund Policy?
All season passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and not for re-sale.
Rocky Mountain Super Pass™ Plus, Winter Park / Mary Jane Season Pass, Winter Park Four Pack®, Winter Park TwoFer®, Route 40 Pass®, Route 40 4-Pack and Military Patriot Pass™

Passes are for individual use and strictly non-transferable.

Thank you for choosing Winter Park for your non-transferable photo pass. All passes listed above require a photo. You can upload your own photo via your online account; then visit any pass fulfillment location to have your pass printed. We can also capture your photo at pass pickup. Winter passes that have a photo & waiver on file can be mailed to the account address.

If you purchased your pass online, you will have already signed a "waiver of liability agreement." Phone purchasers must complete this step in-person at pass pick-up, or via your online account. Without a completed liability waiver every season, your pass will not provide lift access. For more information about the down payment plan available on select passes, click here. For more information regarding the pick-up / delivery of your pass, click here.

Winter Pass fulfillment locations:
Balcony House Guest Services at Winter Park base, Mary Jane Guest Services in Mary Jane Base Lodge, Tubing Hill.
The Route 40 Pass and Route 40 4-Pack can be picked up at Winter Park Resort or at Steamboat (Guest Services, Gondola Square) 48 hrs. after purchase.

Season Pass holder Add-on products fulfillment locations:
Coca-Cola® Tubing Season Pass, Tuning 4 Pack, Demo 4 Pack, Adult Lesson 2 Pack, Kids Lesson 5 Pack, etc. are picked up at the Season Pass office in the Balcony House at Winter Park. Add On passes do not require a photo, but are unique printed plastic cards, loaded with your selected products.
At Winter Park Resort and Steamboat, all daily lift tickets, season passes and frequency products will be available on QuickTrax cards, which are embedded with an RFID chip to enable hands-free access to lifts. When a guest passes through the RFID gate, the gate will open automatically after registering the pass or QuickTrax card. As in previous seasons, lift operators will be on hand to assist with the access gates and ensure a smooth and efficient guest experience.

QuickTrax is all you need. One reusable, RFID-equipped card that becomes your pass, pack or lift ticket. With QuickTrax, you can reload online (no waiting in line), go through the lift hands-free and link to your credit card, so you can make on-mountain purchases at any resort-owned business. You can change pass products every year and keep your same card, and, best of all, you'll always get the lowest ticket price, guaranteed.

A $5 Processing fee will be charged for new season passes, pack and lift tickets powered by QuickTrax. This fee includes setting up your QuickTrax account and linking or RFID technology to your Winter Park account. This is a one-time charge and , should you decide to reuse your QuickTrax card as is, this fee will not be charged again, even if you change pass, pack or lift ticket products. Should you need a new card, the $5 will apply. Reasons for issuing a new card may include: a name change, a photo update, a lost or destroyed card, or the creation of a new Winter Park Resort account. If Winter Park chooses to re-issue a new season pass media card for any reason not initiated by you, the $5 fee will be waived.

*RFID QuickTrax is only accessible at Winter Park Resort and Steamboat

Click Here For QuickTrax FAQ
Adult and Child

What time do lessons start?
Full Day lessons meet at 9:15am and run from 9:30am to 3pm. MAX 5 lessons meet at 11:30am and run from 11:45am to 2:45pm. *Multi-Week Programs meet at 8:30 am.

Both Full Day and MAX 5 lessons are available for booking online and/or over the phone up until the night before. Book more than 7 days in advance to receive a discount. Lessons are also sold day-of, if space is available.

Arriving the day before? Pick up your rentals, lift tickets, and lesson vouchers in the Village Rental store from 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Arriving the morning of your lesson? Adults may pick up their rentals, lesson vouchers and lift tickets the morning of the lesson at West Portal Station. Children may pick up their rentals, lesson vouchers, and lift tickets in the Children’s Center.
*Only kids equipment is available to rent/ pick-up at the Children’s Center.

Weather can change quickly on the mountain, so layers are best. It is a good idea to have waterproof pants, coat and gloves, along with sunglasses or goggles and 1 pair of tall socks (ski or snowboard socks recommended). Also, remember to apply sunscreen. Remember – the weather at the top of the mountain will be colder than the weather at the bottom. Many of these items are available for rental or purchase at the Winter Park Resort Rentals Village location.

Need Special accommodations?
In consideration of various student needs, learning styles, and lesson adaptations, if you feel your student would be better suited for a more supported experience, please contact, located at the base of Winter Park Resort. The NSCD is an adaptive sports/TR program offering a ski/snowboard school and support to individuals with diagnosis.


Can I drop-off my child earlier than 9:15am and pick-up later than 3pm?
Yes. Early drop-off is available from 8:00 am and late pick-up is available until 4:00 pm. The cost of each session is $15, and includes activities and a snack. Early drop-off / late pick-up may be purchased the same day of your lesson at the Children’s Center lobby.Drop-off and pick-up is located in the Green Room (third floor of the Children’s Center).

Where do lessons meet?
Age Location
3+4 Skiers
Green Room in Kids Center (3rd floor)
4-6 Skiers and Snowboarders Sorenson Park
7-14 Skiers and Snowboarders Sorensen Park
For a more detailed map, click here

What is served at lunch?
We serve a variety of kid friendly lunch options. A gluten free option is available for children with allergies. The menu may change from day to day. You may pack your own child's lunch if you wish.

What If my child has a specific medical condition?
Instructors can carry any medication/epi-pens in a specially marked pack with a form filled out by parents with specifics about the medication. Instructors cannot administer any medication but will call Ski Patrol if the Child cannot administer it.


Your child may be able to ski with friends or family when desired. Please inform the staff when you check in that you would like to your children to ski together. We ask that when two children are not of the same ability or age group that the two children are placed in the lower ability level or younger age group.

Adult Lessons are for guests 14 years and older.

How do I look up my child’s Flaik/ GPS information?

Every child in Ski + Ride School will be equipped with a GPS unit. At the end of the day instructors will hand out a Flaik code to parents and kids who can then go online to to track vertical feet and map runs. Type in your child’s code, the date, and hit the “Relive your day” button.


Where do Adult Lessons meet?
Adult Full Day and MAX 5 Lessons meet at the blue and yellow flags, located at the base of the Arrow Chairlift at the Winter Park Base.

Is lunch provided during Adult Lessons?
A lunch voucher is provided during the Full Day lesson to be used at one of our on mountain restaurants. Location and menus varies daily.
Snacks and Lunch
We are a PEANUT FREE zone. All snacks brought from home must also meet this policy. Parents must provide all baby food and prepared bottles for the day. We have an area designated for breastfeeding if needed. We provide two snacks and lunch to kids able to eat table food. Snack options may include string cheese, goldfish, teddy grahams, apple sauce and pretzels. Lunch options may include macaroni & cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken fingers, fruit and salad.

Please inform childcare staff about food allergies. We provide a temporary tattoo for your child’s hand to indicate an allergy.

Sick Policy
Please keep the health and safety of everyone in mind before enrolling your child in our programs. Children showing signs of illness (Fever, diarrhea, cough, etc.) will not be allowed to participate in our program for at least 24 hours after they are free of all symptoms. Your child must be fever-free for a full 24 hours before participating in our Childcare programs.

We require parents or guardians to administer all medications needed throughout the day.

Daily Schedule
  • 8:00am - Check-in, Free Play
  • 9:00am - Morning Snack
  • 9:30am - Active Play (Music, Dance, Yoga, Games, Creative Movement)
  • 10:30am - Outside Activity (weather depending) or Dramatic Play (Puppet shows, role play, sensory table)
  • 11:30am - Lunch
  • 12:30pm - Naptime; Quiet reading or movie for older children
  • 2:15pm - Afternoon Snack
  • 2:30pm - Arts and Crafts Activity (Play dough, coloring, crafts)
  • 3:15pm - Free Play, Check-out
  • 4:00pm - Center Closes

Hours of Operation
We are open during the winter season 7 days a week from 8am – 4pm.Reservations will be held until 10am and pick up is no later than 4pm. A late fee will be applied at the rate of $10 for each 15 minute period after closing.

Can I check on my child?
Yes! We encourage you to call us at 970.726.1631 to check on your child if you have concerns. We discourage picking up your child for lunch and dropping them back off or checking on them in person throughout the day because this can cause additional separation difficulties not only for your child, but for other children as well. We will also give you a call if there are any concerns.

Do you divide by ages?
Yes, we have a separate gated area for infants and another for toddlers and pre-k. We also provide a crib room separate from the main play area.

What activities do kids do?
We offer a number of age appropriate activities. These may include arts and crafts, creative movement, free play, music, dance, yoga, games, puppet shows, sensory table, play dough and coloring. We also head outside when the weather is appropriate! We take groups for snowmobile rides, play on our patios and head to the playground. Movies are played during quiet time. We watch age appropriate movies; the movie of the day is posted in the childcare. Please let us know if you have concerns.

An Add-on Private lesson offers a wonderful opportunity for young skiers who are not quite ready for a full day lesson or simply too young to participate in our group lessons. If your child can walk, they can experience the joy of skiing with the Add-on Private lesson! Your child does not need to be potty trained for this lesson. Please call the Childcare to check for availability.

Can I pick up my rentals the day before?
Yes. We highly encourage you to pick up your rentals the night before to avoid the morning rush. You can do this anytime between 3p-9p at our Village location for all packages except demos. These can be picked up at the Mountain Adventure Center (Demo Skis) or Showcase Snowboards (Demo Snowboards) between 3pm-6pm the night before.

Can I store my rental equipment overnight at the base of the mountain?
Yes. When you rent equipment at any resort operated location, you can store your skis for free at either Winter Park Resort Rental locations – Village or West Portal. The complementary storage is good for skis/Boards and poles, boots and helmets are not included.

If you have personal equipment you would like to store, we have this available for a fee at the Tune Shop located in the West Portal building. This storage is ski//board only, no boots.

Pay lockers for boots and other items are available in both the West Portal and Village rental shops, among other locations.
Can I trade my ski package for a snowboard package (or vice versa) if I want to switch?

Yes. If you are renting a sport or performance package and decide to switch between the ski and snowboarding we can accommodate this request one time. It does require that you go back through the fitting process, so we recommend that you make the switch mid-day when the shops are less busy.

If you rent a demo package, we encourage you to switch out and try multiple pairs of skis or snowboards. The Mountain Adventure Center, Showcase Snowboards and The Jane Shop are staffed with highly qualified staff ready to get you in a variety equipment.

Can I reserve a specific type of ski or snowboard with the demo package?
We cannot guarantee specific equipment requests at the time of booking. We will do our best to accommodate special requests if you would like to call the shop after you book your reservation, but before you arrive.

Do you offer ski clothing and accessories?
We offer both adult and junior rental clothing, helmets and goggles. Rental clothing and goggles are offered on a walk up only basis. Helmets are available to be pre-booked. Helmets are included with the demo package, free of charge.

Do you rent ice skates?
Yes. We rent ice skates out of the Winter Park Resort Rentals-Village location. While it is located steps away from the skating pond, we ask that you wear your shoes between the shop and the gazebo at the pond. Walking across the concrete plaza damages the skates.

What is the benefit of pre-booking rental equipment?
Pre-booking equipment guarantees that the equipment will be available for you and gains you 20% off the walk up rate.

How to choose your skis or snowboards?
  • Demo Skis/Snowboards: intermediate to advanced skiers/riders that want to have a wide variety of choices and the ability to trade out throughout the day
  • High Performance Skis/Snowboards: intermediate to advanced skiers/riders that do not need to change out their equipment
  • Performance Skis/Snowboards: intermediate skiers/riders
  • Sport Skis/Snowboards: beginner skiers/riders
  • Junior Skis/Snowboards: 12 year-old skiers/riders and less

To prevent stolen equipment
Never leave your equipment unattended or unlocked. Lost, stolen or incomplete rental equipment will be charged to the lessee at the full retail price. Valet storage is available day and night to secure your equipment.

Refund and cancellation policy
  • Pre-booked products require payment in full at the time the reservation is made are nonrefundable.
  • Requests for modifications to dates and/or packages can be requested through the rental shops.

Equipment return
If you do not return your rental equipment according to the date indicated on your leasing contract, the value of the equipment will be charged on your credit card as follows:
  • Demo and High Performance: Current Retail Value
  • Performance skis: from $350
  • Sport Skis: $250
  • Kids skis: $175
  • Boots: $250
  • Helmet: $60
  • Poles: $30
  • Clothes set: $150 per piece