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How do I place a service order with Winter Park Resort Concierge?
Send us your request via our email box at or call 888.221.4552 during regular business hours.

What if I want something other than groceries?
Below is a sample of other services we can provide. Keep in mind we are not limited to this list, special requests are welcome! Just email or call 888.221.4552 and we'll take it from there.

  • Event planning for business, personal parties or family reunions.
  • Outerwear clothing rental for our guests from warmer climates.
  • Reservations! Anything from air, car, Amtrak, van transportation and luggage services, to dinner plans during your stay.
  • Gift shopping, wrapping or decorating your mountain home – or whatever your special occasion may be.
  • Catering.
  • Special activities abound! We have a wide variety of exciting and fun things to do for the whole family: hot air ballooning, dog sled rides, private lessons for snow riding or bike riding, spa treaatments, Alpine Slide, tubing, etc.

Altitude Sickness (Acute Mountain sickness) – what is it and how can I help prevent it?

  • At higher altitudes, the pressure of the air around you (barometric pressure) decreases so there is less oxygen in surrounding air. People can live comfortably at moderately high altitudes, but the body must make some adjustments.
  • Symptoms may include: headaches, nausea, insomnia, and loss of appetite.
  • Treatment: take it easy your first day here; increase fluid intake; decrease salt, alcohol and caffeine intake; and select high-carbohydrate, low-fat foods. Be aware that high elevations can also accentuate existing health problems. If you have a respiratory or vascular illness, consult your physician before your trip.

Can I pay with a check?

We will take a credit or debit card for payment. If you want your service done in advance, a credit/debit card for payment in advance will be required.

How should I prepare for my trip to Winter Park?

  • Winter
    • Get in shape to ski-do not ski to get in shape. Skiing is an exciting, vigorous winter sport. Always make an honest assessment of your physical and skiing abilities.
    • The weather can change radically and rapidly, so plan to bring or buy goggles, sunglasses, sun protection, a helmet or hat.
    • Layers of clothing are best. They can be added and removed in order to better regulate your body temperature.
    • Long underwear, preferably, polyester or wool/poly blend; a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt, then sweater, fleece, or sweatshirt.
    • Socks: thin wool or poly socks for skiing or snowboarding, thick ones are too bulky, and don't keep your feet as warm. Don't wear cotton! our feet will sweat and then get cold.
    • Outer Layers: coat and pants or bibs should be warm, water resistant and comfortable; gloves or mittens, mittens are warmer if you tend to get cold hands; helmet or hat that covers your ears and stays on your head during physical activity (80% of heat is lost though your head); glasses or goggles; sunscreen and lip balm are important to use at high altitude.
  • Summer
    • The weather changes quickly here. There is usually at least a 10-degree temperature difference from the bottom to the top of the lifts. Rugged footwear for hiking and biking are advised.
    • A light rain coat and a hat with a visor are suggested along with adequate sun protection.

Our Partners

New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers is100% employee owned. This Colorado Brewer is a bicycle friendly business recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work. New Belgium Brewing is the proud craft beer partner of Winter Park Resort.

US Forest Service

With our commitment to the environment comes close cooperation with the US Forest Service.


The Coca-Cola® Company enjoys being the Official Soft Drink Sponsor to Winter Park Resort and is honored to have the opportunity. Coca-Cola offers a complete beverage experience while you are hard at work out on the slopes.


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re noosa, and we make yoghurt, but not just any yoghurt. Ours is thick and velvety. Sweet and tart. It’s a labor of love made in the best state ever, Colorado.


Monster is a proud energy drink sponsor of Winter Park Resort. Monster is...A lifestyle in a can.

GoPro, the world's most versatile camera and producer of some of today's most engaging content, enables people to capture footage during their favorite activities. GoPro products are sold in more than 30,000 stores in over 100 countries worldwide.

American Express®

American Express® is the official credit card of Winter Park Resort.


Coors Light® and Coors® Banquet are proud to be the Official Beer Sponsors of Winter Park Resort. After hitting the slopes, unwind with Rocky Mountain Cold® refreshment of Coors Light or the legendary taste of Coors Banquet.

Kind Bar

KIND makes healthy, delicious snacks with ingredients youcan see and pronounce. We use high quality, nutrient-rich, whole ingredients –like whole nuts and whole grains – flavored with a variety of fruits and spices.