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Why do we have a Sports Performance Program?
In some sports, athletes can reach elite levels just through sport specific practice. Most great soccer players will tell you that they spent their childhood kicking a ball against a wall, juggling, or practicing footwork. A young soccer player need only grab a ball, and find somewhere with space to kick it, and sport specific practice can begin. Snow sports, however, do not fall into that category of sports.
For even the most extremely dedicated skier, sport specific practice usually requires one to wait until the lift opens, and stop when the mountain closes. And, let’s be real, intense on snow training for 8 hours a day would most likely just result in injuries and frustration!!!

So, how do you continue athletic training when you’re not on the hill??? There are hundreds of answers, and they ALL are a part of a good Sports Performance Program. Please use this site as a resource. There is a lot of good information here. But, please reach out to your sports performance experts for guidance. Whether trying to eat right, exercise more, or perfect the art of imagery, it is very easy to go astray without proper guidance!!!

The Winter Park Competition Center's Sports Performance Program is coordinated by Stephanie Zavilla.  Since graduating in , Stephanie he has attained additional certifications and worked with elite skiers and cyclists as a strength and conditioning coach.  The goal held by Stephanie and the Competition Center is to make our Sports Performance program an integral part of training for our athletes.  By focusing on the physical, nutritional, and psychological aspects of the sport, our athletes are given the tools to achieve great successes as athletes and people!

For more information on the sports performance program, contact Stephanie Zavilla at  or 970.726.1678.


Front Range Fall 2014 Dryland Schedule-All Sessions to start at 10:30am and be done around Noon.

Sept.28 - Lions Park, Golden Click here for directions to Lions Park

Oct. 05 - Red Rocks-Top of Amphitheater

Oct. 12 - Lions Park, Golden Click here for directions to Lions Park

Oct. 19 - Red Rocks-Top of Amphitheater

Nov. 02 - Red Rocks-Top of Amphitheater


Plyo Progressions Click here to download the Plyo Progression File



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Here at the Comp Center, we believe that becoming a great athlete is about more than just putting in the time and effort on the hill, but that there is a science behind optimal performance. 

Sport Psychology can be summed up in a few simple ideas:

  • It allows us to navigate the pressures, obstacles, pitfalls, and emotional ups and downs of elite sport effectively and efficiently
  • Through mental skills training, we can become aware of the interplay between our physiological system and psychological and emotional factors
  • Learning how to think in the most effective way possible in every day, every competition, and every situation
  • Committing to this training will not only focus on performance enhancement, but general human enrichment as well

Plainly stated, mental skills training and sport psychology provides the opportunity for athletes to discover the power they have within themselves, and the ability to use it when it matters most.


Competition is a test of an athlete’s physical condition, their technical skills, but above all, it is a test of their psychological aptitude to overcome obstacles.  An athlete can be in the best shape of their life, having trained their bodies to perform, but when they show up to the starting gate and cannot control their mind, none of it matters.  From professional teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Cowboys, and Yankees, to some of the greats in their sport like Lindsey Vonn, Ron Artest, Venus Williams, Scottie Lago, and Michael Jordan, sport psychology is becoming a CENTRAL piece of elite athletics. 


Although mental skills training has been a part of the Sports Performance Program since its inception, Winter Park Competition Center believes in sport and performance psychology enough to invest in a full-time program, keeping pace, if not far surpassing most elite youth sport organizations.  By incorporating cutting edge developments and technology, and staying up to date on current research, the Comp Center will be at the forefront of new performance enhancing ideas and methodology.  Through this program you will have access to various levels of training:

  • Group sessions, individual consultation, on-hill training integration
  • Parent education workshops
  • Coaching education clinics
  • Group and individual sessions for part-time athletes on the front range

This is a tremendous resource that is now at your disposal, and we encourage that you take full advantage of it in the upcoming season.

YOU CAN REACH THE MENTAL SKILLS DIRECTOR, STEPHANIE ZAVILLA, AT ,  or by phone:  office 970-726-1678, cell 303-917-2481.


Stephanie Zavilla completed her Master’s degree in June of 2013 at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology in Sport and Performance Psychology.  She completed her undergraduate course work at the University of South Dakota, receiving a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and History, with a minor in Business Administration. Through playing NCAA Division I golf while at the University of South Dakota, she fell in love with the mental side of sport and performance.

During her time at the University of Denver, she has worked with many sports and organizations on both a group and individual basis. Her primary internship field placement was served with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail and Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy as a Peak Performance Mental Skills Intern. She has also been working with some of the full-time athletes at WPCC in building and applying their mental skills toolbox. Other experience includes sports such as basketball, synchronized figure skating, soccer, agility training, tennis, and exercise adherence, as well as some clinical issues (i.e. life transitions, depression, anxiety), and has worked with individuals and teams ages 9 through 50+.

Stephanie's philosophy revolves around the idea that simply by being aware, being present, and being in love with what you do, athletic freedom will follow; freedom from judgmental thoughts, freedom from the constraints of internal and external pressures, and most importantly, freedom of movement. Through self-reflection and exploration, any athlete can take their performance from good to great, especially when it really counts.

RESOURCES: Go to “Resource Center” to access valuable information for Coaches, Parents, and Athletes, as well as Injury/Rehabilitation and Health and Fitness! Go to “Our Tools” to check out resources for Parents, Athletes, Coaches, and Leadership roles!


Choke – Sian Beilock

The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle

Body Mind Mastery – Dan Millman

Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

Inner Strength – Ralph Vernachia

Prime Ski Racing – Jim Taylor


Good nutrition habits play a vital roll in sports performance.  The US Team has put together a great page of cool resources for athletes to help them reach their nutritional goals.  Click Here

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