Summer Safety

Sunset on the Divide

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking is different than road or street riding and is confined to marked unimproved or partially improved trails where rocks, dirt, loose gravel and stumps may be encountered at any time. Changing weather conditions, variations in terrain, including steepness, natural and man-made obstacles and features, and other dangers or conditions that may be encountered such as vehicles on the mountain, are inherent risks that are part of the challenge of mountain biking. You must ride in control and within your own ability. You are using these premises at your own risk, and assume all risks in this activity. Helmets must be worn at Winter Park Resort. Wear other appropriate protective gear. Read and obey all signs. Riding on mountain roads is prohibited unless otherwise posted. Equipment allowed on mountain bike trails limited to mountain bikes, and adaptive equipment unless approved by senior management.

Lightning & Thunderstorms
Inclement weather, such as afternoon thunderstorms, is common in the mountains. Seek shelter when you see a storm developing. Keep off ridge tops and stay clear of lift houses, lift towers, power lines, open ski runs, the tallest tree in the vicinity, fences and signposts.

Fire Danger
Due to existing fire dangers, smoking is strictly prohibited on the mountain.

Construction Warning
Base area and mountain improvements and repairs are made during the summer months. Vehicles may be encountered at any time. Terrain may be temporarily closed for construction.

Adequate Clothing
Be aware, the weather changes quickly here. There is usually at least a 10-degree temperature difference from the bottom to the top of the lifts. Rugged footwear for hiking and biking are advised.

Please leave wildflowers for others to enjoy. The growing season is quite short at high altitudes. Stay on designated hiking and biking trails and give the fragile ecosystem an opportunity to thrive.

Drinking water is available at The Lodge at Sunspot, Five Points and the base of Winter Park. Don't drink from streams. Carry water with you while biking or hiking.

Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited from riding the lifts or participating in any activities.

Altitude Hints & Accidents
There is about 50% more ultraviolet radiation at 10,000' than at sea level. Always wear eye and skin protection. Also, at 10,000' the oxygen value is about two-thirds the value at sea level. People with respiratory or circulatory illnesses should consult a physician before coming to this altitude. Drink plenty of water when hiking or biking. Our high, dry air accelerates dehydration. The Lodge at Sunspot is at 10,700' and one of our hiking trails climbs to over 12,000'. Take it easy.

Pick up a flyer for information on altitude sickness at Guest Services or any ticket window.

In Case of Accident: Report accidents at any of our designated on-mountain emergency telephones by dialing 1480. If you are reporting from a cellular phone, call 970.726.1480 (cell phone coverage may be limited).

Photo instructions for riding the Arrow chairlift to access the Alpine Slide

Photo instructions for riding the Zephyr Express chairlift scenic ride to access the Lodge at Sunspot

Photo instructions for loading your mountain bike and riding a chairlift 

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