Now offering Burton boards for beginners to advanced riders and the hottest demo boards. You can eliminate equipment worry with Winter Park Resort Rentals.

Get 1 Kid's FREE Equipment Rental with each pre-booked adult performance or demo rental. Plus, when you rent with us the kids can store their gear for free at the Kids Ski & Ride School. To receive the free kid’s rental, call 800.979.0328 after booking your adult performance or demo rental online.

Book 48+ hours in advance online or by calling 800.979.0328, and SAVE UP TO 25% on select 4-day and longer pre-booked rental packages.

High Performance Snowboard Packages

Do you want to ride on this years gear but no plans to buy? Then High Performance is for you! High performance equipment is just like demo boards, but without the sales pitch!

Reserve Package
Walk up $50.49/ day
Online From $37.87 / day






Burton Ripcord


A softer, more playful flex make this an easier going alternative to the Blunt, with a performance-oriented ride that gives you more room to grow than you’ll get with the Clash. The directional shape rides up, over, and through any terrain or condition while the added fun of V-Rocker™ makes the Ripcord ready to put you in the pilot’s seat.

Burton Process Flying V


Smooth Ride™ absorbs shock while Squeezebox transfers energy towards the tip and tail for snappier ollies with no sacrifice in stability when setting down the landing gear. Available in two versions, choose the more relaxed Flying V™ or precise control of camber. Softer flexing than the Custom, the Process is more suited to the freestyle rider, but still capable of all-mountain action as evidenced by the pros who push it.

Burton Genie


Easy Rider combines a soft, mellow flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while Flat Top provides a stable platform that's effortless to turn. Hands down the easiest board out there, the Genie is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented deck like the Social or Feather.

K2 WWW Rocker


If you’ve ever met Nick Dirks or watched his video parts it’s plane to see his playful and energetic exterior but inside he’s calculated and particular. The K2 World Wide Weapon snowboard shares that balance of playful performance. Underneath the weapon’s ten year history of playful jibs is a technically precise freestyle deck designed with the freedom of skateboarding in mind.

K2 Fastplant


From the streets of SLC to the Whistler backcountry, Jordan Mendenhall shreds it all with classic style. And the Fastplant all mountain snowboard is the perfect deck for that level of versatility and stomp anything durability. With Bambooyah’s 5 year warranty and Ollie Bar’s amazing pop and active feel the Fastplant is the solid foundation for building your own classic style.

K2 Skylite


The Sky Lite snowboard and it’s Catch Free Baseline is the best call for predictable turn and trick progression. A smooth and soft flex pattern allow for easy control and initiation, but with enough support to handle both on and off trail goodtimes.

Performance Snowboard Package

Reserve Package
Walk up $45.49/ day
Online From $34.12 / day





Burton Cruzer

Burton Cruzer snowboard

A progressive, versatile ride, the Cruzer is designed for intermediate riders looking to take it to the next level. This flexible, mellow board has a tapered shape for easier turning, better stability at high speeds, and more flotation in the powder.
Package includes snowboard boots.

Sport Snowboard Package

Reserve Package
Walk up $39.49/ day
Online From $29.62 / day





Burton Learn to Ride (LTR)

Burton Learn To Ride snowboard

With the perfect board for beginners, our Burton Learn to Ride package makes the first days on snow easier. Specially designed features on the snowboard make the edge to edge transition easier to learn and progress. Package includes snowboard boots.

Demo Snowboard Packages

Apply up to 2 days of rental to the cost of any new ski or snowboard purchase when you demo with Winter Park Resort Rentals. Get a chance to test the best on your terms and make a confident decision that you are getting the right gear.

The Demo Snowboards below are a sampling of our inventory.

Reserve Package
Walk up $55.49/ day
Online From $41.62 / day






K2 Hit Machine

k2 hit machine

It’s like your favorite record that never fails to satisfy. You know, that one piece of music that you can rely on to get you stoked. Equipped with the playful, yet on-it feel of Freestyle Baseline with Tweekend™ technology, the all-new Hit Machine snowboard is fired up ready to make this your best season ever.

K2 Subculture

k2 subculture

The Subculture snowboard is built for the core rider that keeps it simple and lets his riding do the talking. Clean graphics and loaded with the all-new precision and pop of Precision Lifted Baseline, the Subculture is always there, under the surface, questioning the establishment and living its own way.

K2 Turbo Dream

k2 turbo dream

Want to live the same dream as Danny Larsen? The secret is the Turbo Dream snowboard. With an all new shape for 2013 that takes design cues form the Ultra Dream but still maintains the heritage and versatile feel that has built this deck’s supernatural following.

Burton Barracuda

burton barracuda

Not as pow-specific as the Fish or as freestyle-focused as the Sherlock, this ATV pushes the boundaries of freeride into an entirely different realm of straight shots and pillow lines. With all-wheel drive edge tech and fully directional crud-busting power, this top predator is the one to reach for in variable or unknown terrain.

Burton Super Hero

Super Hero

Bending the rules on board length, it's highly maneuverable design packs high-powered punch in a smaller profile, letting you downsize 4 to 5cm from what you normally ride. Flat Top blends a straight and stable profile between the feet for better control with an early rise in the tip and tail for that effortless float you’d expect from rocker.

Burton Custom Flying V (JANE ONLY)

burton custom flying v

Now the one-board answer to all terrain adds Carbon Highlights to the mix for drastic weight-savings, crisper pop, and deluxe handling when piloting through the mountain's mixed bag. Camber is the top choice for pros like Nicolas Müller and Mikkel Bang, while Flying V™ combines camber's power with the relaxed feel and float of rocker for the best of both.

Salomon Assassin


Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take no prisoners with the Assassin strapped to their feet. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions, featuring ABC Green Roll, EQ Rad, Rock Out Camber, and Popster Booster, in one ride-anything package. The Assassin is built with an arsenal of technology for destruction of anything in its path. One board to rule them all.

Salomon Villan


Crafted under the watchful eye of Louif Paradis, The Villain has carved a reputation for itself as a supreme freestyle machine. Constructed with EQ Rad sidecut, Rock Out Camber and Popster Booster—And with Lou's stamp of approval you know it's solid gold.

Salomon Sick Stick (Jane Shop only)


One of the most iconic Salomon boards has returned for yet another year to Slay Boredom. Built from the ground up with ABC Wrapper construction, Popster profile, and a shape designed for bottomless pow, slushy summer laps, and everything between. Take more Sick Days.

Ride Manic

Ride manic

Overcome the highs and lows of the season on this all around directional snowboard that offers great value and long lasting durability. For performance in all conditions, the Manic features Ride’s fun and versatile All Mountain Rocker shape and smooth-riding Slimewalls® sidewall. Enjoy everything the mountain can muster on this snappy stable Ride.

Ride Crook


The new Crook offers full performance at a price that’s criminal, but you don’t have to be an outlaw to get all the thrills this twin snowboard has to offer. Featuring Ride’s exclusive LowRize™ rocker shape and Slimewalls® smooth-riding sidewalls for a solid freestyle all mountain Ride. Whether slashing groomers or lapping the park, the Crook will have you riding like you're on the run.

Ride Wildlife


Joining forces with Ride engineers, team rider Marco Feichtner had a hand in refining this wild ride. Delivering versatility for everything the mountain has to offer, the Wild Life features Ride’s All Mountain Rocker shape with playful LowRize™ rocker in the nose and the grippy stability of the flat zone under foot and through the tail. Complete with Slimewalls® sidewall, Carbon Array 3™ laminates and Fusion 4000™ base, this directional Ride will have you running wild from peak to park, with a responsive feel that won’t let you down.

Women's Demo Snowboard Packages

Apply up to 2 days of rental to the cost of any new snowboard purchase when you demo with Winter Park Resort Rentals. Get a chance to test the best on your terms and make a confident decision that you are getting the right gear.

Reserve Package
Walk up $55.49/ day
Online From $41.62 / day






Burton Brightlight


Gravitate towards the Bright Lite woomen's snowboard in 2013. It’s forgiving flex along with the solid Hybritech construction and All Terrain Baseline provide a versatile ride for those women riders looking forward to a progressive season.

Burton Déjà vu Flying V


Experience easy float in powder with the overall rocker design, yet stay locked in when things get sketchy thanks to empowering camber underfoot and the cushioned control of Smooth Ride™. NEW Side Effects give Kimmy Fasani the added float she needs when filming heavy jump lines in the backcountry, while the all-wheel-drive edge control of Overbite Frostbite is a must for Cilka Sadar when competing on technical terrain.

Burton Feather


The Channel upgrades the entire experience with the simplest way to mount any binding (of course, Burton bindings are the best). Tapered shaping makes turning a breeze while the twin flex rides equally well in any direction. Soft and playful, the Feather is for the rider who is serious about progression and fun.

Salomon Gypsy


Strike Gypsy gold and shine a light on your freestyle fortune. Migrate from park to park with ease thanks to EQ Rad sidecut, and break boundaries with the explosiveness of our Rock Out Camber Profile. Go your own way.

Ride Compact


Get hook-free control and a super smooth feel with the combination of Ride’s LowRize™ rocker shape and proven urethane Slimewalls® technology. This playful freestyle twin snowboard features a lightweight Membrain® top that’ll put a sparkle in your eye, and Foundation Tuned™ core for long life durability. This well constructed wonder is packed with features and ready to Ride.

Ride Hellcat


The freestyle all mountain Hellcat breathes new life into our women’s line up, as the top performance snowboard that any charging lady would be proud to ride. The Hybrid LowRize™ shape strikes the perfect balance of playful ease and responsive performance with LowRize™ rocker in the tip and tail, and micro-camber under foot. Featuring latest in sidewall technology, Popwalls™ combine layers of carbon and Slimewalls® material to maximize response, grip and stability. This right sized board is designed especially for ladies that are ready to raise some hell on the hill!

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